CSI (Crime Scene Investigator) New York - T-Shirt

Color: Navy
Size: Small
Sale price$17.99


Colors:   Navy or Grey 
Care Instructions:
  • Machine Wash - Cold
  • Do Not Bleach
  • Cool Iron if Needed
  • Do Not Tumble Dry 


  • 100% Cotton
  • Made in China
  • Exclusive Designed Apparel From Torkia Gifts. Made and Manufactured by Torkia Gifts
  • US - Standard Regular T-Shirt Sizing - Sizes Range From Small to 3XL
  • Comes in 2 Colors (Grey or Navy) - Unique Lettering Color, Logos inscribed in front and back of the T-Shirt
  • Makes Great Personal Gift!


CSI (Crime Scene Investigator) New York - T-Shirt. An Exclusive Designed Apparel Merchandise Souvenir only from Torkia Gifts.

Fans of CSI shows or into Crime Scene Investigating and the like, these T-Shirts are perfect for you. Great to pair with casual wear or everyday clothes to wear when going out. These T-Shirts Comes in Three Colors - Grey or Navy, with sizes Ranging from Small to 3XL. Sizes are according to US Standard Shirt Sizing. Each Shirt has different lettering coloring with the grey shirt having navy or blue lettering and the navy shirt having gold lettering. The Shirts included a CSI Logo in the front and with the words "Crime Scene Investigator" inscribed in the back of the shirt.

T-Shirts likes these make great personal gifts for anyone especially New Yorkers, Tourists, New York Lovers, and for anyone wanting to add style to their outfits or apparel. Made in Honduras. Material is 100% Cotton.

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